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Issue No.2 / 2010 


 The 14th  General Meeting

The 14th general meeting of Caritas Volunteers Committees took place on 17 September 2010 at Madaba with the participation of (100 m/f) from all Caritas volunteer committees distributed all over Jordan  ..more

Awareness Lectures

 “Healthy Nutrition”

Assistances provided

by Caritas Jordan

Monthly Theme


Solidarity Camp





 Summer School 2010 / AVSI - Caritas Jordan        

From 17/7– 18/8/2010, Caritas Jordan and AVSI (SOSTEGNO a DISTANZA- ADOZIONI a DISTANZA- COOPERAZIONE ALLO SVILUPPO) organized a Summer School for (50m/f) Iraqi students from (6-15) years old at the Melkite School/ Jabal Amman and the Latin School/ Marka...more

HIV/AIDS Workshop "preparing facilitators"    

On 15 September 2010, Caritas Jordan/ Awareness Unit in cooperation with Volunteers Center held a workshop on HIV/AIDS at Volunteers Center for (5) parishes from Amman and Center committees (the coordinator and one member from each committee) to prepare them as facilitators for HIV/AIDS awareness at their parishes...more

Distributing boxes of Chocolate and Dates

During September 2010, Caritas Jordan received donations from (2) companies in Jordan. The Investment Company for Agricultural Development "KAWAR" donated (600) packages of dates and (300) boxes of Chocolate “GALAXY” were donated by Transmed Company.  The donations were all distributed by Caritas Jordan as gifts for parish priests, some charity organizations, religious institutes and schools, in

addition  to a large number of needy families especially Muslims who were given the chocolate boxes as gift for the “FITER Eid

All who received the gifts were very pleased and they showed great gratitude in particular the families with kids who were overwhelmed to receive the box of chocolate.


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