Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories




“I arrived to Jordan after a long difficult trip from Syrian to the Jordanian borders… since we escaped without any formal papers, we entered illegally and we were sent to a refugee camp”…

Dalal Khader Bader, a Syrian female refugee, arrived to Jordan in April 6, 2013 along with her 4 kids’ 2 boys and 2 girls aged between 4- 14 years old, her mother, seven siblings and sister in law. Her husband passed away years ago and since then she has been the responsible of this big family.

In the camp they lived harsh moment as Dalal explains “the camp is a total mess and it is not at all a place suitable for human beings… my mother is sick and she needs regular medical care and the atmosphere in the camp was not healthy for her.”

Dalal Bader talking with Caritas Case worker at Caritas Center/ Mafraq area…photo by CJ

With the help of a Jordanian family, Dalal and her family were bailed out of the camp. They went to Mafraq area where they managed to rent a small house.

“The house we found is too small to fit 14 persons but we have no had no choice since we need this shelter”. Say Dalal
Her 14-year old son goes to work at a shop and he get some money on a daily basis to get only bead for the family. “food is a huge problem to us beside the rent of the house. We are a big family and we I need to provide food especially for my young kids.” Explains she.

Dalal approached caritas Center in Mafraq area where she was received and registered to take the needed assistance.
“From Caritas I received a fresh food voucher* for three months to get food for my family… I have the opportunity with this voucher to go and choose what food I need and prefer for my kids”. Dalal purchased meat, chicken and vegetables for her family “my kids were overwhelmed to see the food I brought with the vouchers… this meant a lot for me and it sure helped with easing the burden of the life conditions here” concludes Dalal.

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