Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories

Dare to Survive…



“I want nothing but for God to protect my kid, he is everything & the only one left for me now” says Humaira with eyes filled with tears that didn’t stop for minute during the visit that Caritas Jordan’s field team paid to Humaira’s shelter!

Humaira Al-Ali, a 36- year old Syrian mother, escaped from Hamaa’ in January 2014 after the death of her husband, who was killed due to the armed conflict in their country.

With her sister, her brother in-law and her six children, Humaira with a miracle, left Syria and arrived to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan,  in October 2013, where they couldn’t endure staying there for more than one day because of the harsh living conditions in the camp.

Humaira managed to escape from the camp and found a tent at Al-dleil area in Zarqa city. The tent had nothing in it, Humaira was starving each day to protect her kids and provide them with anything to help them survive this miserable life that they have never chosen to live!

“One of these days in the tent, it was really dark in the evening and the kids were afraid so I had to light a candle to bring in some light” explains Humaira. Unfortunately in the middle of the night, this candle caused a fire that spread all the over the tent and 5 kids died of suffocation and only one; Mouhammad 10 years old survived. She lost her five kids between 2 – 11 years old.

After this tragic incident, Humaira went to look for her sister and her brother in-law where she found them staying at a small farm where they worked to support themselves. They gave Humaira and her son a small room to live in and help with any work she can do in the farm.

Humaira is a mother among many other Syrian mothers who didn’t choose to leave their homes, or their lives or even their Kids! However, Humaira insists that she needs nothing but for her son to live a normal life if she still has any right to choose and to Dare to survive!

Caritas Jordan helped Humaira and her son to find a shelter and pay the rent, in addition to providing them with food & non-food vouchers…


Humaira’s shelter/ photo by CJ 2014

Humaira with her son Mouhammad at their room in Zarqa area/photo by CJ 2014