Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories

Restored Hope
“Ecumenism in Action Project”



Lina Qandalaft is a 51 year-old Christian widow coming from “Bab Toma” area in Syria. Lina has a 23- year -old son and two daughters who stayed back in Syria with their husbands. She was afraid to remain in Syria after the escalation of crisis in her neighborhood so she had no other choice but to leave with her son to Jordan in February 2013.

Life was full of mystery for Lina and her son. When she arrived she had no idea where to go, she decided to rent a house and take care of her son’s education so she registered him in a college called “AL Quds” where he passed only one semester because, for a personal matter, she had to go back to Syria in the summer of 2013 to face the war troubles again.

She came back again to Jordan where she met a family who allowed her to stay in a small room beside their house. She spent there two months but she faced a lot of troubles and harassment from the neighborhood because of her background and family status. This increased Lina’s worries on her son and forced her to leave the house.
She had no place to go so she went to a public park where she stayed the night there with her son. The next day, Lina reached Caritas Jordan center asking for help and she informed them about her case and the fears that she faced and the instability she went through.

Caritas staff listened carefully to her agony and arranged her a shelter immediately at “Our Lady of Peace center” and after that they found her an apartment with good conditions in Al -Hashmei area.*

“Caritas Jordan gave me hope and a new start after all what I went through” says Lina with tearful eyes addressing Caritas Jordan staff.


*in partnership with Caritas Australia & CRS