Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories




I cannot describe my daily life. It is empty said Rosan Kurdi, a Syrian refugee in Amman. I have nothing. I have no food to cook with. I have no friends. My husband is trapped in Syria. Apart from my child, Im completely alone.

She lives with her small boy in a tiny, dilapidated room in a Palestinian refugee camp in the city. Jordan is home to many waves of refugees, especially Palestinians and Iraqis. She doesnt know anyone in the neighborhood. Sometimes a relative comes to babysit, so she can go out to look for work.
Without a husband or family to provide income or childcare, Rosan must rely on Caritas. I received many things. Vouchers for the clothes and shoes you see my child wearing, medicine for him food and blankets. Without Caritas, Im isolated, she said.

Rosan on the door of her rented small room at a Palestinian camp in Amman area
Photo by Patrick Nicholson/ CI

She has lost almost all of her hope. Only the welfare of my child gives me the strength to carry on, she said. He has had a very tough life, a life with no dignity. My only dream is that the boy will return one day to Syria. Nobody should have to grow up outside their own country.

By Patrick Nicholson/ Caritas Internationalis

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