Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories

To feel “Human”



With the increase of the crisis in Syria, people are still escaping to find shelter in neighboring countries. The conflict left most people helpless, scared, desperate and indifferent towards life in general after loosing main source of the concept of life; homeland.

Riad Jaber Al-Nawawi escaped to Jordan in February 18,2012 with his wife Salima and his 3 daughters; Wisam 29 years old, Salam 14 years old and Alaa’ 13 years old.

“I have three daughters, you know with the increase of conflict, destruction and killing, we could no more feel safe even inside our home. I was very afraid on my daughters that I had to take this decision to leave.” Says Riad.
He succeeded to find a house of 3 rooms for (200) JOD per month at Huson area, north of Jordan. Riad had to sell his wife’s jewelries besides their savings they had in order to pay for the rent and water bills.
Riad had a brother who lived in Mafraq area. He encouraged him to go to Caritas Center located in Huson near to where they are staying. “I was treated with much respect and love by the people in the Center. It has been a long time since I experience such feeling” explains Riad.

Caritas provided Riad with vouchers of home supplies and hygiene items in addition to blankets and a heater*. “I was desperate and in need for anything, but you know being at Caritas Center gave me back hope and that feeling that I am a human being who deserve to live… For me, the feeing of dignity that I felt was even more importance than the assistance I got”. Concludes Riad addressing Caritas staff.

*in cooperation with Caritas Denmark

Riad at his house in Huson area talking to Caritas staff during the home field visit. Photo by CJ/2014