Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories

“Vouchers … Life Savior!”



This is how Manal Ahmad, a 30-year old female Syrian refugee, described the vouchers she received from Caritas Jordan.

Back in Syria, Manal and her husband, used to work while enjoying a simple normal life with basic monthly salaries. “all of a sudden, we found ourselves here with nothing”, says Manal “I had to run to jordan since my two kids are sick and they need regular medical care which can’t be provided nowadays in Syria, I would have never left would it not be for the sake of kids”.

Manal, who comes from Daraa, arrived with her two kids; Mariam 4 years old with severe kidney problems and Omar 1 year old, blind since birth. Manal and her two kids arrived in September 2012 to the nearest area they could get in Jordan, Mafraq area. Her husband followed a month later, he had troubles leaving Syria and he managed eventually to enter Jordan illegally.

“I knew about Caritas first thing when I arrived from my neighbors. I went directly there and was received with much love and attention. Manal adds “I received 6 vouchers with different materials. With them, I managed to go and choose by myself what my kids need from fresh food to clothes and shoes. I would have never imagined getting all these needs. These vouchers were definitely a Life Savior for me and my kids.” She explains.


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