Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Success Stories


My Spark of Hope!




The harshness of life is still featured in the stories of many Syrian refugees whom destiny denied to live the basic rights of life!  Hind Abu-Saif, a 38-year old Syrian mother of eight children, age between 3 to 18 years old, escaped to Jordan in October 24, 2012.  “I had no choice that day but to run away with my kids… this scene will be imprinted in my memory and unfortunately my kids’ for ever! Says Hind. “a group of armed people broke in to our home in Daraa’, took by force my husband, Khaled, outside on the doorstep. They interrogated him, bit him really hard on the head and then shot him dead!”  continue reading

To feel “Human”  

With the increase of the crisis in Syria, people are still escaping to find shelter in neighboring countries. The conflict left most people helpless, scared, desperate and indifferent towards life in general after loosing main source of the concept of life; homeland. Riad Jaber Al-Nawawi escaped to Jordan in February 18,2012 with his wife Salima and his 3 daughters; Wisam 29 years old, Salam 14 years old and Alaa’ 13 years old. “I have three daughters, you know with the increase of conflictdestruction and killing, we could no more feel safe even inside our home. I was very afraid on my daughters that    continue reading

“CARITAS is my shelter …”  

In July 7, 2013, A’aisha Ismaeil arrived to Jordan with her 9 –year- old daughter and 12-year-old son. She was forced to leave Syria after her house and her parents as well were destroyed in Aleppo and she had nowhere else to go.  Her first destination was Turkey where she lived there for 22 days in a mosque. A charitable person there gave her ticket fees to go to Jordan. The life there for A’aisha and her children wasn’t not even better because after sleeping a night in the airport, she had to go around in the street and look for a shelter. She managed to find a sewing shop where the owner allowed her and her children to stay at night and leave early in the morning before the employees arrive and she had to spend all day in a public nearby garden..   continue reading

The man of the house !  

Hussein Bashir is a 10-year old Syrian boy who approached Caritas Center asking for help. Caritas staff was overwhelmed by Hussein who has been taking the responsibility of his family including his blind father and 7 siblings with a 4-year old sister who suffered from diabetes. They lived in a small house with 120 JOD per month. “I and my younger brother go out in the streets daily to sell biscuits in order to provide our family with food” says Hussein. “I heard our neighbors talking about a Center that helps needy people, so I thought that I come and ask help for my family”.Caritas field team paid a visit to Hussein house and provided them with blankets, mattresses, a heater, food voucher a month with a (40) JOD amount in addition to covering the house rent for    continue reading

Restored Hope
“Ecumenism in Action Project”

Lina Qandalaft is a 51 year-old Christian widow coming from “Bab Toma” area in Syria. Lina has a 23- year -old son and two daughters who stayed back in Syria with their husbands. She was afraid to remain in Syria after the escalation of crisis in her neighborhood so she had no other choice but to leave with her son to Jordan in February 2013. Life was full of mystery for Lina and her son. When she arrived she had no idea where to go, she decided to rent a house and take care of her son’s education so she registered him in a college called “AL Quds” where he passed only one semester because, for a personal matter, she had to go back to Syria in the summer of 2013 to face the war troubles again.    continue reading

Dare to Survive…  

“I want nothing but for God to protect my kid, he is everything & the only one left for me now” says Humaira with eyes filled with tears that didn’t stop for minute during the visit that Caritas Jordan’s field team paid to Humaira’s shelter! Humaira Al-Ali, a 36- year old Syrian mother, escaped from Hamaa’ in January 2014 after the death of her husband, who was killed due to the armed conflict in their country. With her sister, her brother in-law and her six children, Humaira with a miracle, left Syria and arrived to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan,  in October 2013, where they couldn’t endure staying there for more than one day because of the harsh living conditions in the camp.    continue reading


“Is it ok if I choose another color…?”


Ftima, a female Syrian refugee, a widow who recently fled to Jordan, approached Caritas Jordan Center in Mafraq area to receive a non-food item package consisting of blankets, quilts, hygiene kit… She goes first to the caseworker table where she registers her name and then heads towards the volunteers’ side to take her package. Among the assistance, there are big boxes with different colors of quilts from which the volunteers take one or two, depending on the family size, and hand it over to the refugee. Ftima comes near one of the volunteers after taking her package and with shy low voice asks “is it ok if I choose another quilt, I don’t like the color I have?”The volunteer along with Caritas staff there directly gave space to Ftima to go to the box and choose the color she prefers. With indescribable face expression, she ran happily to the box and took few minutes to pick the color she likes      continue reading

“Vouchers … Life Savior!”  

This is how Manal Ahmad, a 30-year old female Syrian refugee, described the vouchers she received from Caritas Jordan. Back in Syria, Manal and her husband, used to work while enjoying a simple normal life with basic monthly salaries. “all of a sudden, we found ourselves here with nothing”, says Manal “I had to run to jordan since my two kids are sick and they need regular medical care which can’t be provided nowadays in Syria, I would have never left would it not be for the sake of kids”. Manal, who comes from Daraa, arrived with her two kids; Mariam 4 years old with severe kidney problems and Omar 1 year old, blind since birth. Manal and her two kids arrived in September 2012 to the nearest area they could get in Jordan, Mafraq area. Her husband followed a month later, he had troubles leaving Syria and he managed eventually to enter Jordan illegally. .   continue reading

“EVERYTHING… that is what I received from Caritas”  

Bilal Salamt, a male Syrian refugee, arrived a year ago to Jordan after running away from Draa since his house there was destroyed. Here in Jordan, he is staying in Huson area at a rented house, for (125) JOD per month, along with his wife and 3 daughters; Smira, 5 years old, Alaa 3 years and Remas, 5 months. Bilal`s wife gave birth to their 3rd daughter in Jordan “It was harder that you could imagine to have a newborn, nothing to give her and along with 2 girls who are still small and need nutrition as well” Bilal tells Caritas staff, “we left Syria with nothing but our clothes and I only had money that I could rent this house with for as a first payment” he ads. They manage to pay the rent of the house every month or two with the help of Caritas and some charitable persons.. .   continue reading

Seeking Safe – Haven  

Loai Al-Shahadat escaped from Daraa, Syria to Jordan 9 months ago after being injured in his leg.“The situation in Daraa became very dangerous. I couldn’t handle it anymore especially after being injured in my leg throughout the attacks.” says Loai. “It was not an easy decision at all to leave our beloved country but I was paralyzed in-front of my kids safety” he continues.He arrived to Zarqa area/ Jordan where some relatives helped him to find a 2-room house. Along with his wife, Aayat and his four kids; Ramma 8years, Khaled 6 years, Ruba 3 years and Ameer 1 year old, they decided to take this house although it is too expensive for them. “I had to accept with the first thing I find regardless of quality or situation. I just wanted to make sure my children are safe under any humble roof,” explains Loai. Loai approached Caritas Center in Zarqa soon.. .   continue reading


“I cannot describe my daily life. It is empty” said Rosan Kurdi, a Syrian refugee in Amman. “I have nothing. I have no food to cook with. I have no friends. My husband is trapped in Syria. Apart from my child, I’m completely alone.” She lives with her small boy in a tiny, dilapidated room in a Palestinian refugee camp in the city. Jordan is home to many waves of refugees, especially Palestinians and Iraqis. She doesn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. Sometimes a relative comes to babysit, so she can go out to look for work. Without a husband or family to provide income or childcare, Rosan must rely on Caritas. “I received many things. Vouchers for the clothes and shoes you see my child wearing, medicine for him food and blankets. Without Caritas, I’m isolated,” she said... .   continue reading

 “This is a nightmare… We will wake up soon to find ourselves in our beloved Syria”  

With this sentence, Ismail Ahmad Al Ajrab started his chat with the caseworker at Caritas Center in Zarqa area, “I feel sometimes that I am just sleeping and going through one of the nightmares that most of us can sometimes see, but the difficult situation strikes back again to convince me that this is our reality now”.

Ismail, a 30-year old Syrian refugee, escaped from Homs, Syria 8 months along with his wife, Jihan, and three boys; Rafiq, six years old, Mashaal, four years old and Yousef 1 year old.

“I was arrested for 4 months back in Syrian and managed with a miracle to escape with my family to Jordan” says Ismail.

With the help of some Syrian families who arrived to Zarqa area previously, Ismail knew about Caritas Jordan Center there. He went there and was registered by the caseworkers.

“I am really happy to be received first thing by welcoming people and I feel serene to do this chat with you and speak with someone who listens patiently.” Ismail tells the caseworker. “I couldn’t believe that I will be given help and in different aspects at one time, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much Caritas”. He adds. Ismail received food ... .   
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“I arrived to Jordan after a long difficult trip from Syrian to the Jordanian borders… since we escaped without any formal papers, we entered illegally and we were sent to a refugee camp”…Dalal Khader Bader, a Syrian female refugee, arrived to Jordan in April 6, 2013 along with her 4 kids’ 2 boys and 2 girls aged between 4- 14 years old, her mother, seven siblings and sister in law. Her husband passed away years ago and since then she has been the responsible of this big family.  In the camp they lived harsh moment as Dalal explains “the camp is a total mess and it is not at all a place suitable for human beings… my mother is sick and she needs regular medical care and the atmosphere in the camp was not healthy for her.” With the help of a Jordanian family, Dalal and her family were bailed out of the camp. They went to Mafraq area where they managed to rent a small house. ...   continue reading