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 Kilo Week Campaign

At Easter School Committees took part in the Kilo Week Campaign, an initiative designed by Caritas to encourage students to donate a symbolic kg of any food item to needier individuals. Caritas launched the campaign by distributing a special poster to over 20 schools throughout Jordan. The idea behind the Kilo Week campaign is to foster solidarity feelings among local communities, starting from the younger generations. Caritas also tries to promote the concept of voluntary work among students, encouraging youngsters to personally engage themselves in social work.

Most committees were involved in the collection of goods. Two school committees were directly involved in the distribution of the food items to targeted needy families:
(1) The National Orthodox School/Shmeissani students committee (23 m/f students), working in partnership with the Misdar Parish Committee;
(2) The Bishops school Committee, in partnership with the Jabal Amman parish committee.










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