Humanitarian Assistance for Jordanians

The aid program for Jordanians has provided assistance to the needy as part of Caritas efforts to combat poverty in Jordan and provide relief and assistance to them. The project aims to provide assistance to poor families and neediest individuals by providing some of their needs of medical, humanitarian and educational assistance (schools and universities), cash to pay the house, basic needs of individuals in normal circumstances and assistance in emergency situations within possible projects, in addition to supporting needy Jordanian families in various aspects and contributing to reducing the burden of expenses on these families. The project also supports various pastoral activities and also contributes to supporting pastoral projects.

Target group

  • Jordanian families less fortunate in different regions of the Kingdom, which has more than five people.
  • Families with a high proportion of children.
  • Elderly people who suffer from osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency
  • In addition to pregnant and lactating women.
  • Social centers (orphans, handicapped people ...). 

Provided Services

  1. Medical Assistance
    • Free medicine
    • special operations
    • Installation of artificial limbs Medical equipment (medical bed, wheelchair, walker, crutches, oxygen apparatus, medical mattresses, pressure apparatus, diabetes).
  2. Educational aids
    • Schools: we believe in the important role that education plays in delivering the educational message to our students in the private schools who sit in school in different regions and cannot cover educational expenses
    • Vocational centers
    • Special Education Centers
    • Universities – Scholarships: because of the pressing need for the payment of university fees resulting in reducing the imposed financial burden to the head of the family.
    • The University Loan Project: depending on the urgent need and the increasing demand for help for college tuition. These students are transferred to the University Loan Project, with the aim to assist families and ease the burden on them.
  3. Cash assistance
    • Monthly Cash Assistance: the project provides permanent monthly cash assistance to poor and needy orphans, widows and families of prisoners and divorcees.
    • Emergency cash assistance: urgent humanitarian assistance that requires immediate action to cover some expenses that some people need immediately and urgently (house rent, disconnection of electricity power due to accumulated invoices, completion of government documents, payment of loans, transportation allowance, urgent disbursement and different humanitarian assistance.
  4. Humanitarian assistance
    • Food items: through different projects, cards that are distributed for the purchase of foodstuffs from consumer markets, with the value between 50 - 60 dinars.
    • Non-food items (kitchen utensils, cleaning and sterilizing materials, health care items, sanitary facilities, gas supplies, mattresses, etc.)
  5. Pastoral aid
  6. Caritas plays an important role in the social pastoral work of the Church and emphasizes the listening to the needs of the Church and its dioceses through what young people and scouts do of various activities, festivals and bazaars.