50 Years of Love & Solidarity

Caritas Jordan Celebrates "50 Years of Love and Giving"

At the beginning of 2017, Mr. Wael Suleiman, General Director of Caritas Jordan announced the launching of the 50th anniversary of Caritas establishment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: "From today, we start our celebrations with 50 years of dedication, love and solidarity ... 50 years of building bridges, healing wounds and reviving hearts. Fifty years of humble daily life dialogue Fifty years of a journey that started in our good country and will not end. Love is the story of Caritas and is also part of the story of Jordan.

Caritas is you and I. Caritas is the institution that is elevated... and the homeland of the Jordan. Its work is love, mercy and solidarity, brotherhood and peace.

Congratulations to Jordan for our good and blessed people and congratulations to all our friends and companions. Congratulations to the wonderful volunteers who carry the true message of Caritas. They are motivated by their desire to achieve social justice. Congrats to all who live a human family without poverty and hunger, because you are today the messengers of peace, love and mercy. With you we formed a mosaic panel of wonderful colors and shapes. With you we become Caritas.

Fifty years of our service and solidarity with millions and millions of people and we went beyond color, race, sex and religion. Because before we become an institution, we are brothers. Before we are the offices of our soul and before we speak of projects, we are apostles of peace; before we speak we smile and before we apply the regulations and instructions we are Caritas "love".

On the morning of the first day of the New Year, it is a year not like any other year. It is the year of Caritas. It is the year of love, mercy, tenderness and celebration. It is a year of reaping the fruits of fifty years of building, patience and suffering.

Regional Conference of the Caritas Association in the Middle East & North Africa

The Regional Conference of the Middle East and North Africa Foundation (MENA) was held with the participation of 15 of the Heads of Caritas in the Middle East, North Africa and Horn of Africa, as well as many guests and regional and international partners. Jordan was chosen to hold this conference, to share the joy and pride of the 50th anniversary of its establishment since 1967, together with Caritas Jerusalem and Caritas Egypt.

The conference, which was held at of the Rosary Sisters Visitation Home in Dabouq, began its work on Monday 22 May and lasted for three days during which a number of topics of mutual interest were discussed between the various Caritas offices in these countries, calling for providing many services to the needy and the marginalized in the region.

Mr. Karam Abe Yazbek, Regional Coordinator of CARITAS MONA, welcomed participants from all regions and from the Global Caritas Bureau, represented by Mr. Michel Roi, Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis.

Then Bishop William Shomali welcomed the audience and thanked everyone, especially those who came from far away areas and some of them suffered the hardships of roads or difficult crisis conditions in order to participate in this annual meeting.

He congratulated Caritas Jordan, Caritas Jerusalem and Caritas Egypt for their 50th anniversary. For his part, Ambassador of the Vatican, Monsignor Alberto Ortega, expressed his happiness at this meeting, which brings together Caritas from several countries to work together to serve those in need. The Monsignor also said he was proud of what Caritas has been doing and he is part of this family. Mr. Gabriel Hitti, President of Caritas Middle East and North Africa, welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of this meeting to work and support the marginalized and the needy. Caritas thanked MONA office and Caritas Jordan for hosting the conference and hospitality.

stressing the importance of this meeting to work and support the marginalized and the needy.

Caritas thanked MONA office and Caritas Jordan for hosting the conference and hospitality.

The conference included a number of topics, discussions and workshops that addressed the humanitarian response of Caritas in each region to provide a certificate of service and love through a detailed presentation of the 2016 report and the programs and activities, in addition to presenting and discussing the activities and challenges for the current year 2017.

Speech of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deacon Gebran

His Eminence Archbishop Pierre Baptista, the Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate, their eminencies respected vicars.

On behalf of Caritas Board of Directors and myself , I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome of His Eminence the Head of the Legion Pierre Baptista, the Apostolic Administrator of the Patriarchate , the bishops, the Holy Fathers, the Evangelists, the deacons, the nuns, the consecrated, the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher and all the friends and lovers of Caritas who wanted to participate in this divine sacrifice, which we celebrate on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Caritas Jordan in order to pray with the organization for this pioneering humanitarian role, In order to continue with its distinctive gifts and its humanitarian mission, as well as to praise and pay tribute to Godsend and successes that preceded it throughout its long and bright journey from its founding in 1967 to this day.

This pathway has been interrupted by moments of ups and downs and difficult times, which have been overcome by difficulties, vigorously, with determination and against pitfalls, to grow and become stronger and more determined to overcome conditions and confront challenges.

Caritas has gone through conditions characterized by success and optimism at all levels, and others and were characterized by failure and pessimism.

As a result of the aid, care of the Lord, the efforts of a group of those who have been in charge of the management and development of the great credit to overcome all the difficulties and overcome the various obstacles to achieve the level and reputation and prestige that is enjoyed by these days.

We extend our sincere thanks to all our partners for their responsible positions, fruitful cooperation and support who contributed to the success of Caritas projects. We thank them all, friends, donors, philanthropists, individuals and institutions, both locally and internationally and in the Middle East and North Africa.

Caritas Jordan, thanks to this cooperation, was able to help the needy and to heal the wounds of those who suffer under tough circumstances, draw a smile of hope on a people in need faces, wipe away a sad tear from their eyes and to plant a seed of hope in the hearts and replace violence and displacement, and bring a glimmer of optimism in the eyes of children and could see in Caritas the features of a human face that were almost fading.

We thank all employees of Caritas Jordan for their dedication, sacrifice and passion for doing good and contributing to the implementation of projects in the fields of education, human and social life, and alleviating the pain in life. Those whose hopes were shattered on the rocks of hatred, tragedies, painful events, fighting and wars.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Almighty, this month of Mariam, with the intercession of our Lady Fatima, whom we celebrate the 100th anniversary of her manifestation, the blessing of peace, harmony and tranquility all over the world and in our region that is seeing a spiral of violence, destruction and murder.

harmony and tranquility all over the world and in our region that is seeing a spiral of violence, destruction and murder.

The Lord blesses the charities and gives them the means to achieve their noble humanitarian goals, and continue to alleviate the suffering of all who resort to them; and everyone who resorts to Caritas see through it a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all, and Lord Christ, who is standing from the grave with the intercession of his virgin mother who had never let anybody down.

Speech of the Director General, Mr. Wael Suleiman

Caritas success story ... Caritas gift from heaven ... Caritas family human ... Caritas embrace bridges of love, solidarity and respect ... Caritas message of peace ... Caritas case cannot be explained ... Caritas Word and deed ... Caritas Certificate of Love in the era of hatred ... congrats Caritas on the Golden Jubilee and together we challenge the challenges.

Today, the tongue cannot describe what is in the heart ... Today, in front of the prestige of the Eucharist, we cannot begin to thank God for his love and companionship for us for fifty years.

A great thanks to our mother the Church for embracing her human arm. I would almost say her heart beating because the Caritas of love is planted in the heart of the Church.

Today, the great thanks to our dear country and dear Jordan ... We thank His Majesty King Abdullah II for his love, humility and work for every human being.

Thanks to our wise and aware government for responding to the needs of our citizens ... Thanks to our good people, who have worked with us and for them throughout all these years.

Thanks to everyone who put a stone in the mosaic of Caritas Jordan ... We will not be able to celebrate without mentioning some of them and many of them who left us for real life:

Great thanks to Archbishop Nema Al Samaan and Archbishop Michael Assaf, may God have mercy on them, for their initiative to establish Caritas in the difficult circumstances that the region experienced in the 1967 war.

Thank you, Father, Mannoel Sawalha.... Thank you, Father, Raouf Al-Najjar ... Thank you to the dear father Musa Al-Adaili ... May God have mercy on them.

Thanks to Bishop Saba Wakeem and Archbishop George Mur. May God have mercy on them for supporting success of Caritas pathway.

Thanks to His Beatitude Michele Al-Sabah and Patriarch Fouad Al-Tawal and thanks to the Bishop of Salim Al-Sayegh, who gave his time and effort to support Caritas and to ensure its continuity and Bishop Marwan Al-Laham who did not spare his love, patience and spiritual support to Caritas.

We have many brothers who left a mark in the history of the organization, some of them are:

Father, Nabil Haddad, and Brother Ossama Al-Tawal,. Heidi Durk, Brother Imad Al-Muasher, Sister Asma Al-Nair, the late George Al-Najjar, Sister Suheir Nchiwat, Elias Abu Yaghi, Brother Yousef Abu Daieh. We will not forget, and we began to dream that Caritas will be shrouded with care, Brother Jamal Hattar.

Thanks from the heart to those who started work on the re-establishment and organization ... Thanks to Mrs. Huda Al-Muasher and Ms. Maha Abu Yaghi and Deacon Piero and thanked from the heart to reach the sky to Abu Nadim Munther Masarwa and Victor Qashqosh God's mercy be upon us.

We will not forget the people who stood with us and supported us throughout these years ... thanks to the wonderful Mrs. Claudette Habash and Rosette Hashima and the wonderful father Joseph Farah.

On behalf of all of you, we thank the Caritas Global Office and Cardinal Tagle. We also thank Brother Michel Roa, Secretary General and CARITAS Middle East and North Africa Office for representing President Jibril, and thank all our donor partners for their great love, trust, support and support.

A great thanks to the family of the Knight of the Holy Sepulcher Mr. Karam Imsih for their generosity and support for Caritas over the last ten years.

Thanks to the Council of Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, the Supreme Council of Caritas Jordan

Thanks to the Latin Patriarchate

Thanks to the Roman Catholic Church

Thanks to the Maronite Church

Thanks to the Syriac Catholic Church

Thanks to the Armenian Catholic Church

Great thanks to the Rosary Sisters for their long partnership with Caritas

Thanks to Archbishop Eli Haddad

On behalf of all, we thank the Apostolic Administrator Pitzbella for the Divine Liturgy

Great thanks to the Council of Italian Bishops and to the Monsignor Nuncio Gallantino

Thanks from the heart of the Holy See to the representative at the Vatican Embassy to the Apostolic See Alberto Ortega and Monsignor Roberto Cona for their support, love, support and follow-up on the work of Caritas

Thanks to Cardinal Sarah and Cardinal Sandry

Great thanks to the Fountain of Love choir

Thanks from the heart to the General Secretariat of Scouts for their stand with us and support them and share them with us our joy

Great thanks to the General Secretariat of the youth. You are our brothers

Great thanks to the wonderful Orthodox Church for its presence and participation in this celebration

Thanks to the Anglican Church for its long and brilliant partnership with Caritas

Thanks to the Lutheran Church for your presence with us

Thanks to the Coptic Church for your love and participation

Thanks to all the great churches, monks, nuns, and priests who came with us and who could not attend

Thanks to Noursat

Thanks, from the heart of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media, the strategic partner of the media for Caritas Jordan and a representative of the wonderful father Rifat Badr

Thanks to Bishop William Shomali and we hope that the march will continue with him in the development and development and thanks from the heart to Father Shawki Batrian and the Center of Our Lady of Peace

Thanks to all our friends and local partners

Thanks to those whom we forgot … our thanks to you for all our love and gratitude for your presence in the life of Caritas

Thanks to the Pope for his love, trust and moral, spiritual and material support for Caritas Jordan

Thanks to everyone laying a mosaic stone in the love tableau