Migrant Workers

Caritas recognizes the human values, dignity and religions of individuals and communities, as well as international attitudes towards the rights of refugees, strangers, displaced persons and migrants, and also advocates their rights live in peace, enjoy protection, care and human dignity.

The working conditions of domestic workers in Jordan suffer greatly due to the procedures and behaviors that accompany the utilization of these rules at all stages. This led the Jordanian Caritas to study this phenomenon and give it priority in its programs, which is often a humanitarian situation.

The objective of the program is to serve the most disadvantaged groups within the society, especially Iraqi brothers, migrant workers and registered refugees of other nationalities, through providing medical and educational assistance of all kinds, as well as humanitarian assistance. The Jordanian Caritas provides medical, humanitarian and social assistance and legal services targeting migrant workers in cooperation with a number of supporting and cooperating bodies:

  • Embassy of Sri Lanka / Amman.
  • Embassy of the Philippines / Amman.
  • Embassy of Indonesia / Amman.
  • Management of rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers.
  • Security centers.
  • National Center for Human Rights.
  • Empowerment Center for Legal Aid. Adalah Legal Aid Services:

Provided Services:

Primary Health Care (General Medicine - Dentistry)

  1. Secondary health care (laboratory tests / radiation / medicine / specialty medicine)
  2. Advanced health care (complicated cases and cost) 
  3. Primary mental health services
  4. Health Awareness
  5. Legal assistance
  6. Humanitarian assistance
  7. Social activities