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  South- East Amman, May 6, 2016
  A free Medcial Day at “Om Batmah” Village



As part of Caritas Jordan humanitarian mission to reach needy and vulnerable people whoever they are, a free medical day was held at “Om Batmah” village- Al-Mouaggar district in cooperation with “Om Batmah” society headed by Mr. Awwad AlJbour.

A group of doctors and pharmacist from Caritas Jordan with a group volunteers and employees went to Al-Mouggar exactly at “Om Batmah” school where they prepared full medical equipment and arrangements to receive all those in need for any medical treatment and check-ups. The day was very successful and people there very happy by this gesture. (265) services were provided between free medicines, check-up, treatment and transfer to hospitals for urgent cases. All people were registered at Caritas unified data so that they could come any time to any of Caritas centres to get any needed service.

It is with mentioning that Caritas Jordan has been to the area of Al-Mouggar several times to distribute humanitarian assistance of food vouchers and non-food items.






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