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Caritas New Center in Al-Huson 


Under the patronage of Mr. Hassan Assaf, governor of Irbid governorate, Monsignor Roberto from Vatican Embassy in Jordan and Bishop Yasser Ayyash, Caritas Jordan celebrated the opening of a new Center in the northern area. The event gathered representatives from Irbid governorate, parish priests of the northern area, caritas staff, and a group from Caritas administration staff headed by Mr. Wael Suleiman, General Director.

Mr. Wael took Mr. Assaf, Bishop Yasser and the attendees on a tour to be introduced on the Center’s facilities and services that aim to serve all needy and vulnerable in that area.

Everyone then went to the whole at the Latin Church where some of the families, Muslims and Christians, were gather in order to launch Caritas “winter campaign” in the North. Fr. Firas Nasrawine, Latin parish priest/ Huson, welcomed the audience and stressed on the importance that the world in these days needs people to be real witnesses of love and that is exactly what Caritas is!

Mr. Wael thanked in his speech the governor and affirmed that Caritas is a journey of love and solidarity in the land of charity and this campaign is the least that Caritas Jordan can do amidst Jordan’s humanitarian response to receive al needy and refugees. Bishop Yasser mentioned the message of Amman, which has this spirit of love, peace and openness that are all reflected practically in Caritas actions.

Msgr. Roberto also thanked Caritas for this human initiative that reflects King Abdullah II messages as well through many speeches that all Jordanians Muslims and Christians are brothers that share same rights in Jordan. He congratulated Caritas and the area of the north for this new center that will be in service for anyone who knocks its doors
At the end, Mr. Assaf and Bishop Yasser distributed vouchers and winter materials provided by Caritas Jordan on some of the needy families.

The assistance provided in this campaign as Mr. Wael always says is a gift from God and Caritas is only the messenger that makes sure to deliver God’s love to all.

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