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A Visit from the Council of Representatives
of Iraq to the Iraqis in Jordan

A delegation from the Council of Representatives of Iraq headed by the Prime Minster, Dr. Saleem Al-Jubouri paid a visit to one of the Iraqi locations in Jordan, at Latin Church/ Tla’ Al-Ali area where (60) individuals of the Iraqi Christians are living in the church hall.

This visit, which came before minutes of the delegations meeting with His Majesty King Abdulla II and the Jordanian Prime Minister, was a sign of solidarity with the Iraqi displaced to Jordan who were forced to leave their homeland recently. Dr. Al-Jubouri mentioned while addressing the Iraqis presented in the hall that he and the delegation hope that this misery will end soon and they would make sure during their meetings to find practical solutions. He stressed on the importance of the unity of the Iraqi people all Muslims and Christians together to face any conflicts and especially certain actions and people who misuse the name of religion in order to destroy the country. He sent special thanks and gratitude the Kind Abduall II and the Jordan country for this human gesture and continuous hospitality to receive the Iraqis, and he emphasized their total support to help with any thing the Iraqis needs in coordination with the Churches and Caritas Jordan.

Dr. Al-Jubouri listened to some of the Iraqis who presented several needs in particular the education for their kids at schools and universities during their stay in Jordan.

The delegation and Dr. Jubouri by the end of their visit gave a special thanks to everyone who is providing help and support for the Iraqis especially Caritas Jordan that is offering all kinds of assistance and the Churches opening their doors to welcome the Iraqis such as Fr. Ibrahim Hijazin where the delegation met with the Iraqis.









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