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US Ambassador Visits Caritas Jordan


Al Husoun-Irbid: The US Ambassador to Jordan Alice G. Wells on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 visited a Syrian non-formal education school in Al Husoun town of Irbid. The Ambassador was received in the Latin Church school by the priest Fr. Firas Nasraween , the Church Parish Council and a team of Caritas Jordan headed by Caritas Jordan General Director Mr. Wael Suleiman.

The school, which is opened to Syrian refugee students who came from their war-torn country and missed their chances of enrollment in the Jordanian formal education system, is administered by Caritas Jordan and supported by the US government. The Caritas classes of the Catholic Church school receive boys and girls from Syria as well as poorest Jordanians at an age bracket of 6-15, who receive informal learning and extra-curricular activities, together with psycho-social support to promote their resilience and facilitate a smooth integration of Syrian refugees in the Jordanian society.

The Ambassador received a brief from Caritas Jordan Director Mr. Wael Suleiman and Father Firas about the project, toured the classes, asked the students about Syriaís reminiscences and wished them a safe return to their country when peace prevails, while commending their perseverance to study despite their difficult conditions.
Following the schools visit, the Ambassador visited Caritas Center in AL Husoun where she attended an awareness session with some Syrian mothers and learnt more about the Centerís medical, psychological and humanitarian services. She also visited a child friendly space in the Center where children enjoy some recreational activities while their family members receive services.

Finally, the Ambassador thanked Caritas Jordan for their remarkable efforts in bringing back hope to displaced families and help them overcome their living hardships.











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