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The Newly Appointed Vaticanís Ambassador Visits Caritas Head Office



The newly appointed Ambassador to Jordan and Iraq Alberto Ortega Martin accompanied by Msgr. Roberto Cona, the Papal Consultant at the Embassy, visited Caritas Centers located in Downtown Amman, and were informed about the type of services and the categories of people Caritas is dealing with, as it serves the Syrian Refugees and the Jordanians with medical and humanitarian needs and they also visited the Italian Hospital.

Then they visited Caritas Jordan Head office where the ambassador met with the administrationís personnel where he had a firsthand look at Caritas Jordanís 2014 annual report as well as a video about the identity of Caritas Jordan and the projects that it achieved during that year in addition to the sectors, which the organisation are tackling as well as targeted groups.

His Excellency said: ďWe work together and are filled with hope and trust in God. With team work everything is better; working alone is beautiful but not special, but working in a team is something specialĒ.

We had lunch together and celebrated his birthday and Msgr. Conaís also and simple gifts made by one of Caritasís projects were given to them.







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