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  Polish Foreign Minister Signs an Agreement with Caritas Jordan 



His Excellency Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski paid a visit today to Caritas Centre located in Fuhies. The visit comes after a donation of in-kind humanitarian assistance by the Polish Government to a number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan. 

Bishop Maroun Lahham and the Administrative team from Caritas Jordan welcomed His Excellency who was accompanied by the Polish Ambassador to Jordan and some representatives from Caritas Poland. 

The signed agreement which was signed by Bishop Maroun & Zuzanna kierzkowska director of development cooperation department tackles humanitarian aids that will be distributed as part of a project that will be implemented by Caritas Jordan and in cooperation with Caritas Poland to provide in-kind donations to vulnerable Jordanians and refugees in Jordan. 

"We will do our best to give our support and help to refugees here until a reasonable solution is found.. Poland as a country has the responsibility to send assistance to refugees ... We hope that you will be back soon to your county and that peace will prevail" says His Excellency 

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