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Caritas Jordan hosted 60 youth from 9 countries: Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Italy, in Madaba City, Latin Parish.

This initiative came from an Italian group of young people called “Non Dalla Guerra - No For War” who came to Jordan for 2 years and were engaged in some voluntary work with the community and the refugees at Caritas Center in Mafraq. They thought that this experience should be documented in a video they are working on to advocate the importance of Peace and say No to War! They also thought that this experience should be lived and shared with many youth all over the World.

60 youth from various youth organizations in Europe and the Middle East participated in the camp, which took place in Jordan, Madaba City. The camp was funded by Erasmus/ European Union, Caritas Jordan, Non-Dalla Guerra, Stark Smacher and bNET.
The idea behind this camp was to implement a project for the youth volunteering with Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
Caritas Jordan Volunteers’ Center has prepared and organized a social and voluntary work program throughout the days of the camp, which included sessions given by different pillars and experts in social work, in addition to practical activities of refugee family home visits, assist in carrying out refugee children non-formal schools activities, and do some house maintenance work where needed such as painting, and planting seeds.

At the beginning of the camp, the youth were welcomed by Mr. Wael Suleiman, Caritas General Director, who briefed them on Caritas Jordan’ work and the services it provides to all the needy and vulnerable. He also stressed the importance of the work youth are doing, which spreads concepts of peace whenever they are. "We will go to the desert and plant new seeds that will grow into new life”, says Mr. Wael to the youth.

 The youth had also the blessings of Bishop Mroun Lahham and Msgr. Alberto Ontega Martin, the Apostolic Nuncio responsible for Jordan and Iraq, who visited the youth and expressed their happiness and best wishes to the youth for doing such experience.
The camp was concluded with sincere wishes from all who heard, visited, funded and participated in holding special moments for their faith in peace and that all can work together for a better humanity, regardless of our religions, social or cultural backgrounds.

It is worth mentioning that the same experience of this camp is to be implemented in other countries in the near future where also the outcome of a special video talking about peace and the immediate response to say NO TO WAR!

Photos credit, youth the camp


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