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Today, we start our 50th anniversary celebrations of Caritas Jordanís establishment; a course of solidarity, love and giving; 50 years of building bridges, healing wounds and mending hearts, a daily down to earth dialogue; 50 years of a course that started in our tolerant country and is not likely to finish.

As love is an endless story, so is Caritas, a part of Jordanís history.

Caritas is not owned by individuals, it is for all. It has no boundaries; all Jordan is its birthplace and its work is a message of love, mercy, solidarity and peace.

Caritas is an organization with a dynamic structure, which is not always interpreted easily. It is not a property of anybody.

Congratulations to Jordan and to our kind-hearted people. Congrats to our church, friends, partners and everyone who has witnessed the 50 years of achievements. Congrats to our wonderful volunteers who are carrying Caritas core message as they fervently rush to work with an aim to achieve social justice, one human family without poverty and hunger. Congrats to every Caritas employee as you are messengers of peace, love and mercy. Congrats to every brother affiliated with Caritas; with your efforts our organization has been turned into a rose garden. With you a beautiful colored and well-designed tableau has been formed; together we became Caritas.

Let the course with you continues; 50 years and our heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for the Heavenly care that did not stop at any stage.

We have served and expressed solidarity with millions of people, regardless of color, sect, gender and faith because before we belong to an organization, we are human. Before we talk about projects, we are messengers of peace; before we speak, we smile and before we apply rules and instructions, we present Caritas (love).

The first morning of the New Year is not like any other year. It is Caritas year of love, mercy, giving and celebrations; a year that cherishes 50 years of fruitful harvest, planting seeds of love and patience, coping with hardships and successfully passing through turbulences.







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