World Peace Youth Camp



Youth World Peace Camp

 Day 2


​Day two here in Madaba. We wake up by the sound of a ringing bell remembering us that today it is the real start of this camp.

We have our usual breakfast under the khaima, just the time to smoke a cigarette and we get on our yellow bus. East District is our destination. We get to the house of the first Syrian family that we are visiting today. We receive a warm welcome from a child who looks at us curiously. He invites us to take our shoes off.
Salam aleikom. We take a seat on the matress in front of a fan in full mode. The father of the child starts by telling us how he lost one of his daughters. He doesn’t know where she is, if she is still alive after she was arrested by the Syrian army.

It is a thought that haunt him every single moment of his life, holding him from finding a job in this uncertain reality. In Damasco life was different until the moment when they were forced to leave everything and everyone to save themselves. They left quickly: they didn’t even have the time to pack their things and to bring their documents with them.

The second story that we heard is not that different from the first one. A smiling old lady invite us to come in an empty room at the second floor of a ruined building. Tears are shedding, taking the place of words. We understand her grief and with a shukran we leave to get on our yellow bus.

We are pumped up for an energetic afternoon: fifty Iraqi kids, quiet just in the appearance, are waiting for us to spend together three hours of recreational activities and games. One of kids fulfill our expectations: she is a silent and calm 4 years old girl, who experienced various dramatic situations that affected her relations with others, as we heard from the educators. We realize that they are watching her with joy while she’s drawing. This is once in a lifetime/This has never happened before. There no need to say more.

Lorenza, Anna e Chiara


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