World Peace Youth Camp



Youth World Peace Camp

 Day 3


Today we keep it going.

Now we are settled in action. We have a rich breakfast to get ready for all the activities that we are going to do in this full day.

As usual, outside the camp our yellow buses are waiting to carry us to Iraqi, Jordanian and Syrian houses where we will help the family with manteinace works. We take sandpaper, plaster, spatula and brushes and we are ready to get down to work. After a while the walls seem brand new ready to be decorated with paintings and photos. Some of us work with confidence like real experts compared to the others who, with just a little experience in the job, try to paint with creativity. But in the end our clothes and us look all the same ready to be bumped in the washing machine.

In the meantime others of us are at the Caritas Mosaic Center where everyday some Iraqi refugees pass their time creating colorful mosaics. It’s their way to contribute to the Forum, assembling pieces that represent the slogan of the event: Now is the time! For those of you who never get the chance to make a mosaic, you need to know that is not that simple. It takes patience, steady hands and creativity. The Caritas Mosaic Center is a project promoted and created by Caritas to facilitate the reintegration of refugees in employment and society. It is located in five containers designated for the different phases of the production of mosaics. We prove ourselves getting into action and we realize that, in that tiny space, we are all like pieces of a mosaic.

As the sun fades, after a well earned shower, we take place at the tables to have dinner and we share how we spent the day. But out of nowhere, a group of the Spanish people that are here invite us to try some typical dances. Un, dos, tres… bailamos!

While smoking the shisha one of us shares the words that he heard from the father of the family where he did the manteinace works today, as he was finishing working he said: “You are all like sons and daughters to me, I want to give you my phone number. When the war will end, come and visit me, you are welcome in my home. I want you to see the real beauty of Syria”.


Lorenza, Monica e Chiara


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