World Peace Youth Camp



Youth World Peace Camp

 Day 5


​Today we are starting a little bit slower than the other days. The World Peace Forum is getting closer and closer, as we count the hours that separate us from this incredible event which we are getting all ready for. Indeed, this morning we participate in a formation training curated by Donata, a Canadian girl member of the Focolare Movement. In the first part of the activity we share the meaning of our names: this exchange makes us realize that our name, something that we are used to take for granted and that sometimes can seem without significance, is actually what makes us unique and able to create relations with others. Divided in groups between European and Middle Easterners we then focus on our countries and their beauties, to make come up what we have in common beyond our cultural differences. Suddenly we get interrupted by a group of Sufis from different countries that cheer us up with some typical dances while we have lunch together. As we capture with our cameras the joyfulness of this moments, the Iraqi kids arrive at the camp, ready to stay with us this afternoon. Improvised games, delicious snacks and bright colors animate our time and our souls.

The day continues with some filed visits. For the first time we come into contact with an Iraqi family where we are surprised to meet Salaam, a man who talks a really enviable english that let us the opportunity to have a great conversation all together. The discussion puts out many topics: the political situation in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, his personal relationship with God and his idea about Peace.

This last one, he says, has to be a conscious choice, it needs to be renewed day by day. He talks about his suffering, what he had been through since the war has started and all the non-erasable marks on his skin made by an explosion of a car bomb in his University while he stayed in Turkey. When he tells us about his journeys and passions such as reading, we see a glimpse of joy through his eyes. When we ask what he expects from the future, we are stunned from his direct answer: “There is no future”.
Despite this, he invites us to think about the importance of what we are living now so that we can keep alive the flame of peace that burns inside of us. It is time to go and we thank Salaam and his family for their hospitality. We collect all the JD left into our pockets and we leave to the city centre: we are headed to the restaurant. After a big dinner, some shisha and typical fun Jordanian dances we are ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow there are great things waiting for us…


 Davide, Clara, Monica, Chiara, Elisa



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