World Peace Youth Camp



Youth World Peace Camp

 Day 5


​Today the Youth World Peace Forum has finally begun. At the American University of Madaba thousands of people come together to talk about Peace. After five days we are surprised not to find our usual yellow bus waiting for us, but a real big bus outside. We are all dressed up and the atmosphere is burning: we do not know if it is the excitement or the 36 degrees outside. After several miles in the middle of the desert our eyes are captured from the magnificence of the University.

Passing by the entrance what catch our attention are the words sapientia et scientia written near to the symbol of the YWPF. A tons of people from all over the world and some military are waiting for us. We have to wait in a never-ending line to get our name and origin registred, then a huge hall is hosting us with thousands of chairs. We see a big stage at the end of the room and next to it there are the flags of all the country that are here at the Forum.

The ceremony starts. The sound of the bagpipes and the drums drives the entry of all the groups who are invited. Non Dalla Guerra’s flag parades among the others. Two of the guys of the Camp improvise themselves presenters of the ceremony animating the audience. The General Director of Caritas, Wael Suliman, highlights how Jordan is a country of peace, reconciliation and freedom. His eyes and voice shows some pride.

Afterwards Carlos Palma, president of the YWPF, is on stage and reminds us the importance to change things now. A lot of people from all over the world sent us hundreds of messages to spread their thoughts about Peace. The atmosphere is getting warmer and warmer and it gets to the maximum of the enthusiasm when Giovanni, co-founder of Non Dalla Guerra, goes on stage. With the spirit of a great entertainer, he speaks to the audience about that kind of humanity that the world needs and of how young European people cannot understand the real suffering that war causes. On stage there are other people from the Camp. They talk about their experiences and they are capable of touching the audience with it.

Hands are clapping while a choir of Iraqi and Syrian children sings a medley song about peace. Enthusiasm fills our hearts while watching typical Armenian, Filipino and Argentinean dances. But now is time to remain in silence. All the participants go outside to take part in the Silent Play, a theatrical performance hosted by Non Dalla Guerra, which requires special attention to follow the instructions of a voz en off, which guides us step by step in order to make us identify with people who were forced to leave everything they love – their home, their family, their country. Because “leaving feels a little bit like dying”

Así termina la primera jornada de este fórum por la paz, por la gente, por todos nosotros; repitiéndonos una y otra vez que ahora es el momento.


 Irra, Davide, Agnese e Lorenza



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