World Peace Youth Camp



Youth World Peace Camp

 Day 1


​W​e wake up disorented and sleepy in the edges of Madaba.

Ninty-four tired eyes; twenty-five container and a lot of nationalities. All of us are under an unique khaima to have breakfast with the typical Jordan food such as the za’atar which is a herbs sauce composed of oregano and thymus and little piece of rosemary flowers to rub on khobs.

Now it is the time to begin with the life of the camp, getting to know all the realities who participate to this experience: Non Dalla Guerra, Caritas (Jordan, Egypt, Gerusalem, Iraq), Living Peace, Scout Jordan, Focolar Movement and Elephant for Peace. They have introduced us the Program of the week and all the activities we will be commited to: field visits to Syrian and Iraqi families, a draw of a Murales and a mosaic activity with Iraqi young people who are part of re-integration project sponsored by Caritas Jordan. Every day we will be also touched by the enthusiasm of hundred of Syrian and Iraqi children who will make our afternoon more carefree.

Now it is also the time to give us some rules to live together at the camp. Divided by groups we will face the various activities that are planned with the consciousness of respecting all the different cultures.

After having lunch with rice and fried fish we improvise some activities of ice-breaking in order to start to get to know each other through funny dances and songs.

We take a walk to the outskirts of Madaba trying to familiarize with the new reality that surrounds us. Step by step we are finding that among us there are who studies and who works. We are all here for the same purpose: to discover what it is the meaning of peace through those stories of whom are not living the peace anymore.

During the sunset the plates are full and also our stomach. It is going to be a folkloristic evening: a performance of a typical wedding will take place.

Now it is the time to lay down in our container and to close our eyes… all of us cannot wait the morning to start the camp together with the people we will meet.


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