Youth World Peace Camp


 Day 6


Today the Youth World Peace Forum has finally begun. At the American University of Madaba thousands of people come together to talk about Peace. After five days we are surprised not to find our usual  >>>>> more

 Day 5


Today we are starting a little bit slower than the other days. The World Peace Forum is getting closer and closer, as we count the hours that separate us from this incredible event which we are getting all ready for. Indeed, this morning we participate in a formation training curated by Donata,    >>>>> more

 Day 4


Day 4 in Madaba started with sun salutation. Some of us decided to start this long day with yoga lessons. There’s a surprise for breakfast: our Jordanian friends offer us some hummus. Suddenly, we heard our yellow buses honking, reminding us that it’s time to get down to work. Our destination is the Latin School, where we will create a mural on the wall in front of the church of Saint John.    >>>>> more

 Day 3


Now we are settled in action. We have a rich breakfast to get ready for all the activities that we are going to do in this full day.
As usual, outside the camp our yellow buses are waiting to carry us to Iraqi, Jordanian and Syrian houses where we will help the family with manteinace works. 
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 Day 2


Day two here in Madaba. We wake up by the sound of a ringing bell remembering us that today it is the real start of this camp.
We have our usual breakfast under the khaima, just the time to smoke a cigarette and we get on our yellow bus. East District is our destination. We get to the house of the first Syrian family that we are visiting today. We receive a warm welcome from a child who looks at us curiously. He invites us to take our shoes off.
Salam aleikom. We take a seat on the matress in front of a fan in full mode. The father of the child starts by telling us how he lost one of his daughters. He doesn’t know where she is, if she is still alive after she was arrested by the Syrian army.  
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 Day 1


W​e wake up disorented and sleepy in the edges of  Madaba.

Ninty-four tired eyes; twenty-five container and a lot of nationalities. All of us are under an unique khaima to have breakfast with the typical Jordan food such as the za’atar which is a herbs sauce composed of oregano and thymus and little piece of rosemary flowers to rub on khobs.
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