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As Ramadan Month Approaches,

Caritas Jordan distributes food Vouchers



Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness, Princess Alia Al-tabaa, who is also the honorary president of Promise Welfare Society, Caritas Jordan distributed food vouchers for (100) Jordanian needy families in Al-Hashmi area in Amman.

The event of the distribution was organized by the “Association of Oalqilieh Families” that is located in Al-Hashmi area and the team of Promise Welfare Society. It took place on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 with the attendance of the association directors, Bishop Maroun Lahham, Caritas Jordan President, Mr. Wael Suleiman, Caritas Jordan General Director, Mrs. Vera Jeschke, Project Officer from Caritas Germany, Promise Welfare Society Manager, Mr. Azmi Shahin, (3) members from the Parliament, parish priests and the Muslim Imam of the area.

Mr. Mousa Al-Halaj representative of the Association welcomed Princess Alia and the attendees thanking her and the sponsors for this human gesture. Several speeches followed by Caritas Jordan president and director in addition to the director of the promise society and number of pillars and leaders from Al-Hashmi area all emphasizing on the concept of brotherhood and the unique structure of the Jordanian society in which all citizens Muslims and Christians live in harmony.

This initiative comes as the month of Ramadan is about to start and Caritas Jordan continues in collaboration with other CBOs, such as Promise Welfare society, to reach out all needy places all over Jordan to help vulnerable Jordanians. This gesture affirms Caritas mission towards serving the human being regardless of religion, race, nationality while being part of this One Human Family in which each person lives in dignity.

What Caritas is giving it is not to be called assistance but a “right” of any human legitimate rights of living… we ask during this holy month of Ramadan from everyone to pray for peace in our countries of the Middle East and that our beloved country Jordan remains safe under the wise leader of the Royal family” says Bishop lahham.

At the end of the event, Princess Alia distributed food vouchers provided by Caritas Jordan and in partnership with Caritas Germany to (100) families that were gathered in the association hall, who expresses their gratitude and happiness for this kind of support.   


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