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Caritas Jordan Banquet

Under the Patronage of His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Al Twal, Caritas Jordan held a gala dinner to present its 2014 Annual Report. This event brought together all Caritas partners, national and international donors in addition to many parish priests, sisterhoods and brotherhoods in Jordan.

An annual meeting took place earlier and gathered Caritas Jordan Church Council; President, Patriarch Fouad Twal, Bishop Maroun Lahham, Bishop of Jerusalem and the Representative of Caritas Jordan on behalf of the Catholic Church, Mr. Joseph Farah, MONA President and the members of the Administrative Board.

Mr. Wael Suleiman, General Director, presented the Annual Report and briefed the attendees on the organization’s achievements in 2014.

After the meeting, the Council and the Board Members welcomed the invitees ahead of the event, which started with a speech made by Bishop Marroun Lahham who stressed the importance of love deeds and its miraculous impact on each and every society that has an obligation to look after the neediest and poorest so that everyone lives in dignity and peace.

Bishop Lahham thanked Caritas Jordan, the social arm of the church, which has been working diligently throughout the past 47 years and still working to serve the humanity, reflecting its noble mission and vision to assist refugees and neediest Jordanians.

A presentation on Caritas Jordan was showcased by Mr. Wael Suleiman who gave an overview on Caritas work and achievements in 2014 as well as the number of beneficiaries who were served in 2014 who reached 450.000 individuals. Mr. Suleiman also presented the 2014 annual achievements ‘Report, outlining and highlighting Caritas Jordan programs and projects.

Afterwards, a 10 minute movie was displayed and it gave a practical and clear vision on the work done through 2014 showing various photos and images that reflected the spirit of Caritas Jordan in its programs and activities that serve different groups and segments of the Jordanian society.

H.E. Fouad, Mr. Jospeh Farah and Mr. Wael, bestowed decorative shields to some international and local partners, commending their support to Caritas Jordan and their gracious contribution throughout last years.

The banquet was concluded by a warm thank you speech delivered by Patriarch Twal, during which the distinguished attendees shared a light dinner reflecting the time of Lent.
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