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  Caritas Jordan Receives “Chiara Lubich Prize”  




A yearly event takes place at Manfidonia, a city in the south of Italy ,where a humanitarian organisation of the Focolare Movement grants local and international organisations and individuals for certain remarkable humanitarian initiatives.

This prize titled “ “Chiara Lubich Prize, Mandridonia Towards a City of Brotherhood” was given this year in a big celebration to seven various projects and initiatives reflecting the work of brotherhood and human service. Caritas Jordan was granted this prize for this year with the attendance of a big audience from the city of Manfridonia.

In the celebration event, Caritas Jordan gave a brief and a presentation on its work in particular the response towards the Syrian crisis and the assistance provided to thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The responsibles of the prize and the attendees showed great appreciation and support to Caritas Jordan mission and humanitarian initiatives and even Jordan as a country to still open its doors to receive all needy and refugees to find refuge and security.

This and any other appreciation gestures that Caritas Jordan receive, reflects the whole family of Caritas whose members from Administration to staff to volunteers and beneficiaries are doing their role in order to show God’s love in various shapes.













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