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Role Models for Common Good
Caritas Regional Youth Working Group Camp
Jordan, Madaba 2012


Caritas MONA organized its youth working group camp in Jordan from August 30- September 5, 2012 at Mariam Hotel/ Madaba area. Due to the unstable situation events in Lebanon that took place the same timing of the camp, the venue of the camp was transferred to Jordan instead of Lebanon.

The camp, which was prepared in cooperation with Caritas Jordan and Madaba volunteer Committee, gathered (37 f/m) Muslim and Christian participants Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.

The beginning of the camp was with the participants’ attendance at Caritas Jordan 10th Year Celebration over its Volunteers Program that took place on Friday, August 31, 2012.

The program of the camp continued with many workshop sessions that tackled five topics delivered by resource persons and experts from both Jordan and Lebanon; Advanced Leadership by Mr. Karam Abi Yazbick, CST- Common Good by Dr. Dimyanos Kattar, Fr. Tony Ghanem and Mrs. Julie Awaida from Lebanon, Emotional Intelligence by Mr. Laith Bsharat, Peac Building by Mr. Emil Deek, Inter-religious Dialogue by Mr. Amer Hafi and Fr. Rifat Bader from Jordan.

The last day of the camp was concluded by a traditional evening that reflects the traditions and culture of each country throughout songs, dances and plays prepared the participants.

Certificates were later distributed on the participants by Mr. Joseph Farah, President of Caritas MONA with the presence of Mr. Wael Suleiman, Caritas Jordan Executive Director and Ms. Rosette Hshaimeh, General Secretariat of MONA Office.



This regional camp and all the others to follow in the coming years aim to put in action the values of the Catholic Social Teaching and the subjects handled during the local and regional trainings through the field work in addition to enhancing the volunteers’ skills individually and within team to better serve their local community and humanity.



“This camp made me feel really proud to be an Arab and that I belong to the Middle East as a whole. Sharing with everyone here these special days made me realize my Arabic identity and the treasure I have… thank you” says Theresea Yazbeck, one of the participants from Lebanon.





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