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King Abdullah Congratulates Caritas Jordan on its 45th Anniversary


His Majesty King Abdullah the second congratulated Caritas Jordan on its 45 anniversary of work it Jordan while praising the organization efforts to provide humanitarian support, development and community service, headed by its president Patriarch Fouad Twal.

This took place on Wednesday Friday 20, 23013 during the visit to his majesty by Cardinal Robert Sarah and a group of MONA Regional Conference participants.

His Majesty stressed during this meeting the importance of spreading values of tolerance and cooperation to be the basic of dialogue between the followers of the heavenly religions and the benefit it brings to the human society which is after all the message of Amman City.

Cardinal Sarah and the group expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation for his Majesty to the great work and cooperation he is doing towards humanitarian assistance and the refugees in particular reflecting thus His Majesty`s role to spread values of peace and tolerance.

President of Caritas Jordan, Patriarch Fouad Twal with the presence of Chairperson, Mrs. Huda Muasher, and the Executive Director, Mr. Wael Suleiman, praised as well the efforts of King Abdullah, the government agencies; charitably, military and security which he described as “an open door to all those suffering” that is actually a noble well known tradition of the Hashemite family.






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