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MONA Regional Conference 2013


Cardinal Robert Sarah, president of the Pontifical Council 'Cor Unum' and the secretary, Mgr. Giampietro DalToso, arrived to Jordan on Friday, February 19 and will stay until Thursday, 21 February, to participate in the regional conference of Caritas in the Middle East &North Africa. This conference is considered a very important opportunity to discuss the humanitarian aid provided by Catholic charities, including Caritas, to refugees in Syria

The forum of MONA Regional Conference started on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at Bayeit Al Zyara, Amman- Al Hashmieh, headed by Cardinal Sarah, and with the presence of Patriarch Fouad Twal, President of Caritas Jordan, who started the conference with a welcome speech stressing on his appreciation towards what Caritas does towards serving the needy and vulnerable in the Middle East that region that still lacks justice, security and peace.

Mr. Joseph Farah, President of Caritas MONA, formally announced the opening of the conference in Jordan. Cardinal Sarah gave a speech in which he explained the formal letter signed by Pope Benedict XVI “the Special Nature of the Church” which is the nature towards serving the humanity. He also spoke of the Pope`s appreciation for the work Caritas is doing all over the world. Msgr. Jan Petro from the Pontifical Council gave a presentation on Caritas history since 1890 and Caritas MONA since late seventies, in particular, Caritas Jordan in 1967.

It is worth mentioning that Cardinal Sarah paid a visit to Caritas Jordan Center in Zarqa on Tuesday, February 19, where he toured the Center and got oriented on Caritas Jordan services and assistance. He also had the chance to meet some Syrian Refugee families there and speak with them about the Pope and Vatican support and prayers for them and their kids while assuring them that they are not by themselves in this crisis.







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