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  French Prime Minister Pays Solidarity Visit to Displaced Iraqis  




French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Sunday visited a number of displaced Iraqis and those who reside in the Latin Church in Marka area, who are assisted by Caritas Jordan in coordination with the Catholic Church in Jordan.

The Jordanian Ambassador to France Makram Al Qaisi, the Latin Bishop in Jordan Maroun Lahham, Minister of Toursim Naif Al Faeiz, the Papal Consultant at the Vatican Embassy in Jordan Roberto Cona, Caritas Jordan Director Mr. Wael Suleiman and the Latin priest in Marka father Khalil Jaar received the minister.

Valls toured the place which hosts displaced Iraqis and was acquainted with their living, psychological and social conditions. He said: “there are more than 8000 displaced Christians in Jordan and meeting with those displaced families comes as one of a number of meetings that aim to familiarize myself with refugees’ conditions. I see a hope for a better future to these families.” He spoke about the Christians’ situation in the region and the Middle East stressing that those categories are the main components of the region and they should not leave it under any circumstances, saying it is a sacred land and the birthplace of Christianity.

The Iraqi children performed a “God in Heaven” prayer in the Aramaic language Jesus had spoken.

The Bishop made a welcome brief inside the Church in which he thanked France for offering humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons.

The Iraqi families whom the minister met explained the difficulty to return to their homeland under the current situation, hoping there will be an increase in the volume of assistance to Jordan so as to provide refugees and displaced people with needed support and secure those families with houses and flats they can live in.

In his speech, Valls urged the international community to scale up Jordan assistance, enabling it to confront with the economic burdens resulted from the waves of refugees in the region, and empower Jordan to fulfill its commitment towards displaced people. He extended a call to the international community in cooperation with friends, national, clerical and solidarity institutions so as not to leave Jordan alone in taking care of refugees’ needs, as Jordan’s scarce resources is not enough to uphold the huge number of refugees and displaced persons.

The General Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media father Refaat Bader said that for many years Jordan has been receiving displaced brothers and there is a need to increase the assistance, asking for Arab and western countries solidarity to fulfill refugees and displaced people’s needs.

Refugees are looking forward to the French prime minister’s visit and hopeful that it will make them revisit the migration decision from the Arab region to other countries.

The Prime Minister received a “Migration Portrait”, drawn by one of the Iraqi artists. It represents the Iraqis exodus from Mosul, in addition to a shield on which the word “Peace” is written in all worlds’ languages.

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