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 August 16,2012  
  1. Recent Developments:


Jordan and international organizations will soon launch a joint appeal to donor countries to help tens of thousands of Syrians who fled the violence in Syria. The appeal seeks to improve and expand services provided to Syrian refugees in Jordan.



According to UNHCR, there are around 6160 refugees in the camp including 3000 children. Number of registered refugees with UNHCR is now 42,438 as registration continues.



Meanwhile, UNHCR Representative in Jordan has said that some attempts have been made by some refugees to leave the camp, adding that this is due to frustration as those leave their homes and families behind and find themselves living in tents.



Brawls are taking place between some Syrian refugees in the camp. The disputes are due to the difficult living conditions inside the camp and the bad psychological state refugees are suffering from. Some 54 single men have been taken to other locations to prevent any additional problems with Syrian families.

   2. Caritas Response:

     Bishop Lahham Pays a Visit to Zaatrai Camp:


Latin auxiliary Bishop Maron Lahham, on Wednesday expressed his appreciation for the Jordanian humanitarian efforts in hosting and giving shelter to the Syrian refugees.

During a visit to Zaatari refugees’ camp, he said that Jordan has always been a safe haven for refugees who find security and stability on its soil, expressing the Church institutions’ readiness to provide its educational, humanitarian and health services and continue cooperation to provide all possible services.

Bishop Lahham said that daily prayers are performed for continued stability in Jordan as well as restoration of calm and tranquility in the Arab region, particularly in Syria.

Bishop Lahham met with Mr Mohammed Naser Al Kilani, Director of Public Relations at the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) office in the camp. Mr Al Kilani gave a brief on the camp conditions and the services provided to the refugees that include water, electricity and food, in cooperation with local and international charity and humanitarian organizations and commended the current cooperation with Caritas Jordan.

The Bishop also visited the Moroccan and French field hospitals that are offering quality medical services to the Syrian refugees, in cooperation with JHCO.

Bishop Lahham was escorted by Father Francis Shahin, the Priest of the Latin Church in Mafraq, Father Refaat Bader, Director of the Catholic Centre for Studies and Information, Mr Wael Suleiman, Director of Caritas Jordan in addition to a number of Jordanian volunteers and a delegation of volunteers from Caritas Milano in Italy.

Bishop Lahham distributed Ramadan parcels and Eid AL Fitr presents to a number of the camp’s children who expressed happiness despite their current living conditions.

Earlier, the Bishop arrived to the Latin Church in Mafraq and headed a holy mass there.





  2. Additional comments/Remarks


This week, Caritas Center in Zarqa has registered a daily average of 10 families.



This week, there has been a daily average of 7 medical cases among the Syrian refugees in Zarqa Center. Zarqa Center provides free medical check-ups to the Syrian patients.



Caritas Center in Mafraq receives 100-150 new registrations among Syrian refugee families per week.







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