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April 2012    

According to Syrian activists residing in Jordan, the number of Syrians stranded in the border region has reached 5,000 as the Syrian authorities continue to impose a six-week-old border shutdown barring civilians from entering Jordan. Meanwhile, various relief agencies have been reporting some 500 new arrivals a day.

The housing situation in Ramtha is witnessing a further crisis represented in pouring of new Syrians to this bordering city. The number of Syrians placed in Al Bashabsheh building has reached 3000 individuals, which makes the government consider seriously finding new lodgings to accommodate more numbers of Syrians. Meanwhile, cooperation agreements are underway between Caritas and five local charity associations in Ramtha to distribute more humanitarian assistance items to needy Syrians who are not hosted in Al Bashabseh complex.

In cooperation with MCC, Caritas has been issuing vouchers enabling displaced Syrians to receive infant formula and baby diapers from a Caritas affiliated pharmacy in Mafraq against these vouchers.
So far, 30 needy Syrian families have benefited from this assistance.
This comes as part of a prolonged plan that seeks to deliver this assistance to 200 infants for six months.
 Meanwhile, case workers at Caritas registration desk in Mafraq are continuing to receive Syrian families and individuals who are willing to open case files and consequently receive assistance. The coordination with UNHCR registration of Syrians is also keeping a steady pace as many Syrians are getting appointments with UNHCR through Caritas in Mafraq then resume their registration procedures in Amman.









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