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May 2012  

The number of displaced Syrians in Jordan is now over 120,000 and more refugees are coming forward for humanitarian assistance, according to interior ministry source officials. Hundreds of illegal arrivals are crossing the borders each day. Those refugees are crossing the borders with bags on their backs and six to seven children with some families. They have nothing with them but the clothes they are wearing and a few items.

Until the end of April 2012, 40,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan received humanitarian aid as well as health services at a total cost of $ 8 million.Various relief agencies placing the total number of vulnerable Syrians in Jordan at some 30,000.
Meanwhile, registration numbers of Syrians in Caritas premises has reached more than 1900 families comprising 6000-7000 individuals. Caritas office is receiving 20-25 individuals on a daily basis.
Caritas Jordan social workers are paying home visits to some Syrian families in Mafraq to conduct needs assessment studies. Those visits are taking place regularly targeting Syrians who need further interventions like medical cases or injured individuals.
Caritas has distributed school bags to Syrian students who are enrolled in Mafraq public schools. Around 250 Syrian students have benefited from this assistance.
Some social activities like face painting and dances are carried out by Caritas during the distribution of school kits to Syrian children.










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