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June 9, 2012  

According to UNHCR officials, the agency registered 7800 in May marking the largest number of registrations in a single month since the launch of the crackdown on pre-democracy protesters in March 2011.
This spike in registration of refugees has pushed the total number of Syrian refugees to more than 23,000 amid an ongoing influx of Syrians to the kingdom, which relief officials place at some 200-300 individuals each day. The majority of registered refugees originate from Homs while over one fourth originate from Daraa and nearly half of Syrians who arrived to Jordan after March 2011 are vulnerable.
Caritas Jordan has reached out to a number of Syrian families in Zarqa throughout Caritas Zarqa Center. Some 297 families in the governorate have received relief kits, comforters (bed covering), blankets and hygiene kits.











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