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July 16, 2012  

According to interior ministry statistics quoted by the UN, over 140,000 Syrians have crossed into Jordan legally and illegally since March 2011; more than 32,000 have registered as refugees, with an average of 700-800 daily new comers, mostly from Deraa area. This number is expected to rise significantly due to the fresh clashes that are taking place in this area.

Caritas Jordan is still distributing infant formulas and diapers to Syrian families in Mafraq. Furthermore, a total number of 300 parcels were distributed to Syrian families consist of 7-16 members.During the past week, some 300-500 Syrians registered with UNHCR in Mafraq.

Registration of new Syrians is still ongoing; 150 new families registered with Caritas on July 11. Overall, the Mafraq Center served over 2000 displaced Syrian families. Caritas volunteers are organizing packing and distribution of parcels.

Caritas is visiting and assisting Syrian families in Zarqa. Families in the governorate are receiving food and non- food items through Caritas volunteers inside the Latin convent premises in Zarqa. Some 216 parcels for Syrian families were distributed in the governorate. Overall, the Zarqa Center served over 700 families, 30% of these beneficiaries came from Amman.
Caritas Jordan arranged a free one week medical campaign to Syrian refugees in Zarqa. The campaign included blood pressure, sugar- level and ultrasound (sonar) tests, in addition to consultations and medication.

Moreover, Caritas resumed the distribution of humanitarian aid items in Ramtha through Buweida Community-based Organization (CBO), one of six CBOs Caritas has been cooperating with in the northern area of Jordan.














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