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July 26, 2012   

Syrian refugees residing at the Bashabseh housing complex in Ramtha will move to the new camp in the northern town of Zaatari near the border city of Mafraq, 80 Km northeast of the capital, within one week, a decision taken by the Jordanian government.

Following Caritas distribution of humanitarian assistance in Mafraq, several NGOs started sending their beneficiaries to Caritas center for registration. This increases means of cooperation and reflects the level of trust of Caritas Jordan.
Up to 95% of Syrian parents in Mafraq have said they are not sending their children to schools. They prefer to send them to work market for selling food items in the streets, loading and unloading fruits and vegetable carts, or begging in an attempt to improve their financial status.

1100 individuals registered with UNHCR this week.

A distribution of 133 packages for families that consist of 5-6 members took place two days ago.
In Zarqa, female to male ratio of the displaced Syrian beneficiaries is 65%-35%. 3 children under the age of 4 found to be disabled, 5 adults ranging from the age 28 to 39 found with evidences of torture, 2 single females found to be living alone- one of whom is 78 years old, 2 psychosocial cases, 1 epileptic case and 2 individual beneficiaries who are in need of medical equipment (hearing aids and a wheelchair). There is a small percentage of chronic diseases and need of education for displaced children. General family occupational backgrounds are merchants from Homs and farmers from Deraa. 90% of beneficiaries requested cash assistance and household items.

The number of Caritas registration in Zarqa Center is over 100 individuals.

A total of 415 parcels were distributed to families that consist of 4-12 members two days ago.











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