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Patriarch Fouad Twal Visits the Iraqi Christians

His Eminence Patriarch Twal paid a visit to some of the locations where the Iraqi Christians are staying who recently fled from Mosel due to the threatening forced on them by Daesh “ISIS.

The visit targeted 3 places; Catholic Church in Marka area, Melikte Church in Marj Al-Hamam area and Our Lady of Peace Center. Mr. Wael Suleiman, Caritas Jordan General Director, escorted his Eminence beside Bishop Mroun Lahham, Latin Bishop to Jordan, Bishop Yaser Ayyash, Melkite Bishop to Jordan and Fr. Rifat Bader, Director of Catholic Center for Media.

In the three different locations, the patriarch met with the Iraqis who were overwhelmed with visit considering it a gesture of love and solidarity from the church in Jordan.

“Make sure to pray every day and to have faith that God loves you and He wants you to follow him by holding the cross that is for you being away obligatory from your country! You have lost everything; your homes, lands, money, saving, memories but you still have each other here and you have your kids safe and sound with you. This is a blessing you need to think about and thank God for!” says Partiarch Fouad addressing the Iraqis.

His Eminence stressed on the generosity of Jordan as a country and His Majesty King Abdullah II for opening doors to the Iraqi Christians to find safe-haven in Jordan. He thanked as well the Church in Jordan, parish priests and Caritas Jordan for taking the responsibility to serve and receive the Iraqis. He gave his appreciation in particular to the parish priest in the three locations; Fr. Kahlil Jaar, Fr. George Sharayha and Fr. Ala Alamat, who opened their churches and hearts to respond in cooperation with caritas to the people’s needs.

It is worth mentioning that Caritas Jordan has received around (300) Iraqi Christians who arrived to Jordan last week and are distributed on the above-mentioned places in addition to Mar Charbel Church and Syrian Orthodx Church/ Ashrafieh.

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