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Caritas Jordan response mainly started in June 2011 in Mafraq through Volunteers committees who started the initial registration process and accumulate data about Syrians living conditions and needs. Until December 2011 the number of registered families didn’t exceed 400 families with more than 1500 individuals.

Caritas Jordan has employed its charitable and voluntary efforts to reach out and serve those, who all of a sudden, found themselves living in another country, under paucity of resources and in destitute. It has been one of a few organizations that directly and efficiently responded to emergencies and supported refugees. In this regard, it has delivered many types of assistance including distribution of food and non-food items in response to the Syrian crisis;

Starting from January 2012, Caritas Mafraq Center launched its services towards displaced Syrians by providing basic relief items in cooperation with UNHCR for 328 families. The provided items were Heaters, Blankets, Quilts, Mattresses, Plastic mats, Bed linens, Towels, Pillows and Jerry cans. Moreover, 159 school bags were distributed to children between the age of 6-12 enrolled in formal education in the governmental schools. In addition to 137 clothes vouchers were distributed to extremely vulnerable families defined by UNHCR.

After wards, Caritas Jordan, and in cooperation with Caritas Germany distributed food packages, winter blankets and heaters to 324 extremely vulnerable Syrian families

Following the increased numbers of Syrians fleeing the country, Caritas Germany in cooperation with German government provided fund for Caritas Jordan to distribute Food, Non-Food and detergent items for 2000 Syrian families (11593 individuals) in the country. The packages included items like Stoves, Fans, Summer Blankets and basic food items like Oil, Rice, Sugar…etc.

In parallel, another partnership continued with MCC by providing infants and newborn under the age of one year with Milk (infant formula) and Diapers for six months in Mafraq center only. 319 families benefited from this project including handicapped and mental disabled children.

MCC has also supported Caritas Jordan with two big containers full of relief items (Hygiene Buckets, Health Kits), Comforters and school kits. 1229 Syrian families benefited from these items in all over the country.

Caritas Poland contribution was with providing non-formal education for students aged 6-16 involving education classes (Arabic, Math, Science) and recreational activities. The project targeted 100 Syrians children who are not getting formal education.

Finally, Caritas Luxemburg provided Caritas with a fund for food vouchers, 650 Syrian families with an average family member of 4 were benefited from the project.








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