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Prince of Whales Meets with Displaced Iraqi Christians in Jordan

Prince Charles met Iraqi Christian refugees at the British ambassador's residence in Amman.The prince has been raising the plight of Orthodox Christians forced to flee their homes in Iraq and Syria by visiting, over the past year, those who have sought refuge in the UK.

A group of ten persons from the Iraqis displaced accompanied by Mr. Wael Suleiman, Caritas Jordan General Director, met with Prince Charles who made sure to organise such meeting during the special visit he paid to Jordan.

One of the refugees gave a speech about their plight telling Charles: 'This is the seventh month that we are away from our homes and we don't find any reason to return back.
'Moreover we don't want to do that because it is impossible to live with the people who destroyed our homes and destroyed our church.

'Those people were our neighbours whom we lived together many years ago but when Daesh (Islamic State) came, they directly became our enemy. And they deprived us of everything. So how can we return back and co exist with such people?'
The Prince of Wales told the group of around ten people he met: 'This is what I think must be the worst of horrors when all the people you lived with, side by side and have always been friendly, suddenly totally change.'




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