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  Archbishop Galantino,  
  A Solidarity visit to displaced Iraqis in Jordan  




At the invitation of Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal and Latin Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan Archbishop Maroun Lahham, Secretary General of the Italian Bishops’ Conference Archbishop Nunzio Galantino paid a solidarity visit to the displaced Iraqis living in Jordan on Friday, August 6, marking the first anniversary of the arrival of the first group of the displaced in the Kingdom.

Arch. Galantino visited two locations where Iraqi displaced have been staying since one year with the help and support of Caritas Jordan that took the responsibility to find shelter for the Iraqis and provide with basic life needs on daily basis.

Patriarch Twal presided over a Mass on Friday at the Holy Spirit Church in Madaba with the participation of Archbishop Lahham, Archbishop Nunzio Galantino, Monsignor Roberto Cuna, chargé d'affaires of the Vatican Nunciature in Amman, Parish priest Wisam Mansour and a number of priests. Present at the Mass were Wael Suleiman, General director of Caritas Jordan, large number of Caritas staff and volunteers, displaced Iraqis living in Amman and a number of parishioners.

In his homily, Patriarch Twal thanked Caritas for the unstinting efforts it exerted over the past year, and still under way, for the Iraqi brethren, the martyrs of our present time." He added that the Pope's message conveyed by the Italian archbishop includes three major points, namely the closeness of the Catholic Church to the suffering and hopes of the displaced, a gratitude to the local Church for hosting thousands of the displaced, and an appeal to the international community to take action in the wake of its silence towards the victims of extremism and intolerance.”

From his part, Archbishop Galantino made an address at the end of the Mass saying: "God's love for people is manifested in some tangible deeds. One of these manifestations is Pope Francis' message which he had sent to you, as the Pontiff addressed in particular those forced to leave their homes.'' Later, Archbishop Lahham read out Pope's message.

It is worthy to note that Archbishop Nunzio Galantino will take part in the special prayers, organized by Caritas Jordan, to be held on Saturday, August 8 at the Latin Church in Fuheis at 6:30pm with the participation of Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon Louis Raphael I Sako, a large number vicars, priests and displaced Iraqis.



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