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Summary of Caritas Jordan Emergency Work with Syrians >>>

Caritas Jordan
Humanitarian Respond towards Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Responding to one of the human sufferings that is taking place in the northern neighboring country, Syria, Caritas Jordan, reflecting its mission and vision, is taking part in the efforts to support the displaced Syrians since December 2011 and is still active in addressing the refugees’ ‘needs who all of a sudden find themselves out of their country.

Caritas Jordan has been providing aid to an increasing number of Syrian refugees in Jordan, mainly in Mafraq. Caritas team distributed blankets, heaters, bed linens, quilts, towels, plastic mats, sanitary pads, mattresses, jerry cans, pillows, milk bags, school bags, school kits, hygienic kits and food items families in Mafraq and Zarqa areas.

The distribution is taking place inside the Catholic Church vicinity. Father Francis Shahin has allocated two of the halls to place these humanitarian items and receive the beneficiaries.

Caritas emergency team is working on a daily basis to fulfill the needs of registration of families who are to receive these items.



Volunteers at Mafraq:

“We are happy and proud to be part of Caritas Jordan humanitarian response…”



A group of youth from Latin Parish at Mafraq is committed every Saturday (starting from February 11, 2012 till this date) to come to Caritas Mafraq Center to be part of the Caritas humanitarian response towards Syrian refugees.

Marah Qandah, Madleen Qandah, Amal Haddad, Marleen Qandah, Wardeh Khoury, Christina Haddad, Mouyad Sahawneh, Wajdi Haddad, Walaa Namour and Bassel Kabboush are active members who are responsible for implementing many parish activities that take place throughout the year. They all agree that the voluntary work with Caritas Jordan corresponds with their university studies and parish activities, and has even added so much to their skills both on the educational and personal level.

This initiative has been set by the Parish Priest, Fr. Francis Shahin, along with Caritas Jordan emergency team who have given those volunteers an idea about the work that Caritas will be doing at Mafraq to support needy Syrian refugees.

The volunteers have been enthusiastic about it and assured their full readiness to help during their free time and off-days.

Together with the team and Caritas Center employees, the volunteers have begun to work on a distribution plan, learn how to deal with the beneficiaries, in addition to organizing the items and distributing them to the refugees.



“I love to be engaged in such activities. Since I have recently graduated from the university and am still looking for a job, I can`t help people with money so I am really very happy that I can help needy, at least this way and be of a benefit to my community”
-Mouyad Sahawneh, 24 years old, Civil Engineer-


It is the first time for me to be introduced to such voluntary terms and activities”

-Marah Qandah, 19 years old, Civil Engineer/ 2nd year


“I like to help others, I just put myself in the refugees’ shoes and treat them the same way I would like to be treated if being in the situation”

- Madleen Qandah, 21 years old, Mathematics/ 4th year -


“I like to help others, I just put myself in the refugees’ shoes and treat them the same way I would like to be treated if being in the situation”

- Madleen Qandah, 21 years old, Mathematics/ 4th year -


 “Since I have begun this voluntary work with Caritas the concept of volunteerism has changed to me. I used to think of volunteering more as activities inside my parish but now I understand that it is something that liberates me from social chains and makes me a productive individual to my society and neighborhood”

-Amal Haddad, 18 years old, Industrial Eng./1st year-


 “I keep on telling my family, relatives and friends about what we do, they are so happy and I am very proud to be part of this work”

-Marleen Qandah, 18 years old, Civil Eng./1st year-


 “I become more responsible and more aware on how to deal with people. This experience helped me develop my communication skills”

-Wardeh Khoury, 21 years old, Finance/ 3rd year


“I love when I hear the word “Thank You” from the families who come to the Center. I feel that I can contribute to the happiness and relief of these families”

-Wajdi Haddad, 22 years old, Economy/ 4th year-


“I become more aware on the concept of refugees and how to deal with them…I am Syrian and I come to visit my relatives regularly so I am really happy to be able to help my people her in Jordan since the situation back in Syria is very difficult”

-Bassel Kabboush, 21 years old, Civil Eng. at the International University in Syria-



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