“CARITAS is my shelter …”


“CARITAS is my shelter …”


In July 7, 2013, A’aisha Ismaeil arrived to Jordan with her 9 –year- old daughter and 12-year-old son. She was forced to leave Syria after her house and her parents as well were destroyed in Aleppo and she had nowhere else to go.

Her first destination was Turkey where she lived there for 22 days in a mosque. A charitable person there gave her ticket fees to go to Jordan. The life there for A’aisha and her children wasn’t not even better because after sleeping a night in the airport, she had to go around in the street and look for a shelter.

She managed to find a sewing shop where the owner allowed her and her children to stay at night and leave early in the morning before the employees arrive and she had to spend all day in a public nearby garden.
“One day I was sitting on the bench in the garden, a Jordanian lady came to me and asked me if I needed anything and she encouraged me to go to a Center called Caritas. She gave me the address and said that there you will for sure get the needed help.” Says A’aisha.

A’iasha approached Caritas Center in Amman area where she was received by the case-worker who listened to her story and along with the ream there made sure to provided all needed help.
First, a medical report was opened for her to be provided with required treatment and medicines since she was suffering from severe stomach infection.

Caritas also provided A’aisha with food vouchers and with the help of a Jordanian lady who lived in a nearby area to give part of her house for A’aisha and her children to live in, Caritas also helped with the rent of their new shelter.*
“My true shelter was Caritas, without the help of the people there I would have been able to leave that garden or to provide my kids with a decent life…” says A’aisha.

*in partnership with Caritas Switzerland



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