Caritas Jordan Overview


Caritas Jordan Overview


Caritas is a Latin word means love. The first Caritas was established in Freiburg- Germany in 1897, followed by other societies established in Switzerland in 1901 and USA in 1910.
Caritas Internationalis is an international organization with its head offices in Rome- Vatican. It belongs to too many big networks of humanitarian work societies worldwide, distributed to 164 Catholic Societies, operating in 200 areas and countries.

Caritas Jordan: a humanitarian charity non- governmental organization that is affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has an international representation, handling social and humanitarian work. It was established in 1967 as a result of June war, responding to the humanitarian needs that emerged from the wars and the displacement of the Palestinian people to Jordan.

Caritas Jordan is a member of International Caritas Confederation and a part of Caritas MONA. Its head offices are in Jordan capital Amman. Four centers have been opened since its establishment in different areas of the kingdom.

Caritas Jordan aims to fulfill its love message, conveying it to the poor and needy by the good work of groups and individuals. During the past years, Caritas had offered many medical and humanitarian services. Its message is stipulated in work for serving and developing humans without distinctions in race, color, gender or religion.

General objectives:


Assisting the poor and needy
  Promoting self-potentials for the vulnerable groups, defending their rights in work and living a decent life
  Providing primary medical services to mothers and children
  Assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters.
  Raising awareness of the Jordanian society on local and humanitarian issues and stressing the necessity to carry out love deeds.

Working with the governmental and voluntary corporations as well as with Caritas Internationalis members to achieve Caritas Jordan goals
The main purpose

Since its establishment, Caritas Jordan has been working on combating poverty as well as sustaining social development for the Jordanian society in many fields. Many times, Caritas had to confront many challenges such as political unrests and the surrounding circumstances in the area, in addition to receiving millions of refugees and emigrants, many migrant women workers from Asia and Africa who work at homes and commercial centers. Caritas continues to respond to emergencies that are resulted from the different conflicts in the Middle East, according to needs and resources, in cooperation with many organizations and local and international societies.


Projects and programs:


Caritas Jordan has become a vital and effective organization that contributes to combating poverty, participating in enhancing development in many Jordan sectors, assisting annually around 100,000 persons, according to the following programs and projects:


Caritas Centers:


Caritas Jordan is implementing the programs, offering its services and activities through 5 centers distributed in different areas and regions in Jordan (Amman, the middle, the north, and the south) to serve as many as possible of needy families.



Humanitarian assistance Centre-Amman
  2. Caritas Al Zarqa
  3. Caritas Al Fuheis
  4. Caritas Al Huson
  5. Caritas Al Karak

Caritas Voluntary committees:


Caritas has established voluntary work committees in parishes and schools as well as in society service committees , making them arms of Caritas at the social work in the parishes, schools and the society, backing it ( Caritas) up in applying its human message in many areas of Jordan, implementing the following programs and projects in:

   - 30 voluntary committees in the parishes
   - 15 voluntary committees in the schools
   - 4 committees in Caritas centers

Types of services:

Caritas Jordan is providing humanitarian assistance and services to different society segments from all nationalities, without any distinctions because of gender, religion, nationality, color or race. Its services are diversified according to needs of the Jordanian society and its segments as follows:
Caritas campaigns for 2011:

Caritas humanitarian campaigns are emerging from motives and main drive to leave significant impacts on the individuals’ thoughts and feelings. These campaigns have big significance on a number of social concepts, which make society members act as one unit, feeling with the poor and taking part in love deeds, embracing solidarity and participatory approaches, limiting needs and overcoming poverty in a societal method that will come with education and upbringing, which are necessary to reach to a promising and better civil society. Thus, this is why these campaigns are necessary to address the society thought and culture:





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