“EVERYTHING… that is what I received from Caritas”


“EVERYTHING… that is what I received from Caritas”

Bilal Salamt, a male Syrian refugee, arrived a year ago to Jordan after running away from Draa since his house there was destroyed.

Here in Jordan, he is staying in Huson area at a rented house, for (125) JOD per month, along with his wife and 3 daughters; Smira, 5 years old, Alaa 3 years and Remas, 5 months.

Bilal`s wife gave birth to their 3rd daughter in Jordan “It was harder that you could imagine to have a newborn, nothing to give her and along with 2 girls who are still small and need nutrition as well” Bilal tells Caritas staff, “we left Syria with nothing but our clothes and I only had money that I could rent this house with for as a first payment” he ads. They manage to pay the rent of the house every month or two with the help of Caritas and some charitable persons.

“I knew about Caritas center here in Irbid area from my neighbors…continues Bilal, from the people there I was honestly received with much love and attention and ad to that, I received more than what I came to ask for. I got vouchers to get with them what I need from food and non- food items in addition to milk and diapers for my new born… See, that is what I received from Caritas; I did receive Everything, thank you so much” concludes Bilal.


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