“Is it ok if I choose another color…?”


“Is it ok if I choose another color…?”

Ftima, a female Syrian refugee, a widow who recently fled to Jordan, approached Caritas Jordan Center in Mafraq area to receive a non-food item package consisting of blankets, quilts, hygiene kit…

She goes first to the caseworker table where she registers her name and then heads towards the volunteers’ side to take her package.

Among the assistance, there are big boxes with different colors of quilts from which the volunteers take one or two, depending on the family size, and hand it over to the refugee.

Ftima comes near one of the volunteers after taking her package and with shy low voice asks “is it ok if I choose another quilt, I don’t like the color I have?”

The volunteer along with Caritas staff there directly gave space to Ftima to go to the box and choose the color she prefers. With indescribable face expression, she ran happily to the box and took few minutes to pick the color she likes “this is my favorite color, is it ok to have this one instead?” Ftima asks holding a blue one. “Of course!” answers back the volunteer “this is actually yours and you have the right to get the one that you like most”.

“Caritas Jordan makes sure to treat the beneficiaries and the refugees, in particular, with dignity. Ftima like all the other refugees have the right to choose since she is not a mere beneficiary who is only receiving a regular package and then leaves. Caritas along with its volunteers and employees believe that assistance distribution is part of the act of love done for and with those refugees who construct Caritas Mosaic Tableau.” Says one of Caritas Jordan emergency staff

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