My Spark of Hope!


My Spark of Hope!


The harshness of life is still featured in the stories of many Syrian refugees whom destiny denied to live the basic rights of life!

Hind Abu-Saif, a 38-year old Syrian mother of eight children, age between 3 to 18 years old, escaped to Jordan in October 24, 2012.

“I had no choice that day but to run away with my kids… this scene will be imprinted in my memory and unfortunately my kids’ for ever! Says Hind. “a group of armed people broke in to our home in Daraa’, took by force my husband, Khaled, outside on the doorstep. They interrogated him, bit him really hard on the head and then shot him dead!” These people then burnt the house and thank God, Hind managed to run away with all her children.

Hind and her children escaped to Jordan to go first to a refugee camp, “Zaatari”. They stayed there for four months! “I prefer to go back to Syria rather than staying in this Camp!” says the eldest son, Mohammad 17 years old. And for the eldest girl, Manar, 18 years old, was the same opinion since they suffered from cold and dust there. “I had to find a way to escape from the camp considering the harsh conditions there and the critical situation of my 5-year old daughter, Taghreed, who suffers from Epilepsy and needs regular treatment and attention that was not provided inside the camp,” adds Hind.

With the help of a charitable person who helps the “martyr’s families” and since Hind’s family is considered one “Now my concern is the education of my kids! Their father wanted them to get good education and my goal in after her husband was killed back in Syria, Hind found a house in Amman area for (160) JOD per month plus (38) JOD electricity and water bills. This man offered to help with the rent for 6 months only.

“I am now the responsible of this family, I have to think about how to support them. I have a big family but what to do! I had no idea.” Says Hind “but God leaves no one! And my spark of hope came when the neighbors where I am staying told me to go to Caritas Center.”

Caritas staff listened to Hind’s story and as done for any needy who approaches Caritas Center, Hind was registered and then visited by Caritas field team more than once to see exactly what she and her family need.
Caritas provided Hind with vouchers for non–food items and clothes for her kids besides bedding materials in addition to doing some maintenance work that the house needed to fit the living criteria such as water pump in for the bathroom and electricity safety points and electric lamps in all rooms.*

“I went at many organizations to ask for help but I was only helped by Caritas! I will make sure to tell other refugees or needy people to go to Caritas, the same way I was told and helped by others”. Says Hind

The future now for Hind and many others like her is a nightmare “each time I think of the future, I feel like I will have a heart attack! She says.

life now is to fulfill his wish” says Hind.



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