Seeking Safe – Haven


Seeking Safe – Haven

Loai Al-Shahadat escaped from Daraa, Syria to Jordan 9 months ago after being injured in his leg.

“The situation in Daraa became very dangerous. I couldn’t handle it anymore especially after being injured in my leg throughout the attacks.” says Loai.

“It was not an easy decision at all to leave our beloved country but I was paralyzed in-front of my kids safety” he continues.

He arrived to Zarqa area/ Jordan where some relatives helped him to find a 2-room house. Along with his wife, Aayat and his four kids; Ramma 8years, Khaled 6 years, Ruba 3 years and Ameer 1 year old, they decided to take this house although it is too expensive for them. “I had to accept with the first thing I find regardless of quality or situation. I just wanted to make sure my children are safe under any humble roof,” explains Loai.
Loai approached Caritas Center in Zarqa soon after settling in his house. Hw was registered to know his and his family’s exact needs. He was also asked permission to be visited any time by a team from the Center to check on him and his children.

“I was received with much dignity and care… I sat in front of one of the employees who asked about our needs.” He ads.

Loai received helped with the rent of his house besides dry and fresh food vouchers each month. “I am overwhelmed with the help I received from Caritas… it is true that we are far from our country and beloved ones but here I am safe and my family as well and above all I know that I can go anytime to Caritas Center not for the sake of assistance but to get Love and Hope…” concludes Loai.



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